Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a writer, researcher, artist and socialist activist and I’ve lived in Peckham in south London for 30 years.

I do creative, political and arts writing; painting and drawing; ceramics; video and I’ve been an activist for 40 years, taking part in workplace struggles, LGBTQ campaigns and anti-racism.

If you click on the menu you will find galleries displaying my work and links to projects and campaign issues that are important to me.

My blog is focussed on my current PhD research topic, which I will soon be working on in the Kingston School of Art at Kingston University, London:
‘Everything Became Queer and Unsafe’:
Fiction, Life-Writing and Family in 1960s and 1970s Britain

Pages from 2019

Confronting truths and demons, putting in boundaries and further analysing the existential and material conditions of inner life in capitalist society

It Does You Good to be Told Off on Your Birthday

text and visuals © Nicola Field 2007soundscape © Fari Bradley 2007voice: Clare CameronSteam Control 2008 She is not really the one they want, Not if they had the…

Thank You, Universe

Text © Liz Bentley 2006 Soundscape © Stuart Bowditch 2008 Performance: Joanna Swain, directed by Rebeccah Hannah Video by Dan Thurley and Nicola Field Recorded at 15Hz Studios,…

We Are Getting Closer

I was first shown the technique of monoprinting at the Studio Upstairs in Croydon in the autumn of 2019. It really appealed to me as I had a…

Kentish Town to Brondesbury

A stretch of the London Overground on my way to visit my friends the writer Jan Woolf and the artist Tom Loffil who share a house in deepest…

Pages from 2018

Trying to describe relationships with self and others – and the horrors of interacting with the Department for Work and Pensions

Pages from 2017

Explorations of mothering and disability oppression, amongst other things!

Framed Youth: Revenge of the Teenage Perverts

All Out! Dancing in Dulais: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

Tell Me Tonight

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron  

Take Uncle John

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron  

I Belong

text © Cristina Teixeira 2007 soundscape © Fari Bradley 2007 voices: Clare Cameron, Gustave Ferrier, Nicola Field

The Dead Dog

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron

Planet Earth

Planet Earth 7’31” ‘Days that open out onto one another, like rooms in a museum…’ Sensory overload and a dizzying wait for recovery: a train trip into the…

All She Wanted was Someone to Love

All She Wanted was Someone to Love 7’36”   There was this man who said Come up north! He said: Come up, come soon I want to show…

Over the Rainbow: Money Class and Homophobia

First published in 1995 by Pluto Books and now republished in an expanded version by Dog Horn Publishing, Over the Rainbow explains the roots of LGBT+ oppression, confronts the…

It does you good to be told off on your birthday

She is not really the one they want, Not if they had the pick of the whole world’s good behaviour, but it’s Today’s the Day! and for breakfast…

The Politics of Pride

A Wet Night in Mayfair

‘Words so real they can’t be true’ – an isolated woman’s light-drenched liquid fantasies turn from pleasure into poison… 5’52” voice: Karina Jones words: Nicola Field soundscape: Peter…

Progress Not Perfection

Unique, handmade ceramic objects. For families  of all descriptions – and heartfelt fashionistas…

Scenes from an Unwritten Story

Six drawings made with oil pastels and ink on paper.  Originally created at A4 size, they have been digitally reproduced at A6 and mounted together in one frame.…