Steam Control

steam-controlI founded Steam Control in 2006 as a platform for bringing together writers, sound and media artists, teachers and community workers to create literature, media and events, with a focus on experimentation, collaboration, disability and mental health.

With the help and support of writer and teacher Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone, sound designer Steven Brown, web designer Daniel Conaghan and writer Cris Teixeira, the groundbreaking CastWords project was born: a fusion of new writing, soundscape and video art.

CastWords was devised as a versatile and evolving multimedia form for educational/social support settings; radio; theatrical presentation; gallery exhibition and installation. CastWords pieces have been screened and played widely, including:

  • in a selection by Shape for the Film/Video/Performance Retrospective 1960-2010 @ Wimbledon Space, 2010
  • on Resonance Radio, Radio Peckham and The Hancock Hour
  • featured in a 2-hour Steam Control event during the X’o8 Festival at the BFI Southbank
  • on show in the V&A’s Collaborators: UK Design for Performance exhibition, organised by the Society of British Theatre Designers
  • webcast as part of Get London Reading 2008, organised by Booktrust
  • featured by Southwark Arts Forum at Nolia’s gallery, Siobhan Davies Dance and Peckham Space
  • in the Sassoon Gallery for Steam Control’s live/multimedia event WHY WON’T YOU TELL ME? at the 2008 Peckham Literary Festival,
  • Whirligig Cinema @ Pangea Project, The Big Chill and the Sound In Vision Festival at Clapham Picturehouse
  • in the subterranean vaults of Shunt, and at the Roxy Bar & Screen for Steam Control’s live/multimedia event A SUDDEN LEAP FORWARD, at Boundless 2008
  • at the Left in Vision show at the international Marxism Festival 2008/09/10 & 2012

Please contact me if you would like to screen or play any Steam Control work, or explore possibilities of new collaborations, commissions or projects.

A Wet Night in Mayfair

‘Words so real they can’t be true’ – an isolated woman’s light-drenched liquid fantasies turn from pleasure into poison… 5’52” voice: Karina Jones words: Nicola Field soundscape: Peter Karkut video: Nicola Field ©Steam Control 2009

All She Wanted was Someone to Love

All She Wanted was Someone to Love 7’36”   There was this man who said Come up north! He said: Come up, come soon I want to show you everything   Voice: Neil Hancock Sound: Phobik @ 15Hz Studios Words and images: Nicola Field ©Steam Control 2009

I Belong

text © Cristina Teixeira 2007 soundscape © Fari Bradley 2007 voices: Clare Cameron, Gustave Ferrier, Nicola Field

Planet Earth

Planet Earth 7’31” ‘Days that open out onto one another, like rooms in a museum…’ Sensory overload and a dizzying wait for recovery: a train trip into the elusive world of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Specially commissioned for Boundless 2008 words: Nicola Field music: Stuart Bowditch video: Ady Cousins and Nicola Field titling and post-production: Dan […]

Take Uncle John

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron  

Tell Me Tonight

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron  

The Dead Dog

text © Nicola Field 2007 soundscape © Steven Brown 2007 voice: Clare Cameron