Press and organisers pack for events and talks

Feel free to use the following materials, information and suggestions in putting together and publicising your event.

Attached are template leaflets which can be adapted for your event publicity, plus the book cover artwork, and some photographs.

Publicity Photos

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Over the Rainbow Graphics

Over The Rainbow
poster with white boxes
Over The Rainbow
Over The Rainbow
jacket (front and back)
Over The Rainbow
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What people have said about Nicola’s talks

“Wonderful historical overview presented on the context, followed by thought evoking discussion”.
“A very human, open forum “.

“Inclusive wide ranging discussion with central political argument very clearly expressed”.

“Very passionate speaker, lots of time for discussion, encouraged debate within the room!”.

Some reviews of Over the Rainbow

‘Fascinating… this important Marxist contribution to the struggle for sexual liberation and socialism… a guide to action.’
Alan Kenny of Socialist Review

‘One of a few contemporary scholars going against the grain, continuing the groundbreaking effort to develop an understanding of how sexual identity features in and is shaped by capitalism.’
Rosemary Hennessey, Professor of Humanities at Rice University and author of Profit and Pleasure: Sexual Identities in Late Capitalism, writes of Nicola Field:

‘A classic’
Sally Campbell, Socialist Review

‘I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. Nicola Field provides a long-awaited analysis of the intersections of sexual and gender identity with class, as well as giving a superb immanent critique of the mainstream LGBT movement, which is dominated by bourgeois perspectives.’
Gregory Esteven, Monthly Review

Leo Zeilig, Philosopher of Third World Liberation: Frantz Fanon

‘We all have a couple of key books in our lives that have really made us sit up and think. This was one of mine.’
Dr Peter Dwyer, African Struggles Today

About Nicola and her talk

Please agree all materials with Nicola in advance of publication. Nicola is happy to help draft materials specific to your needs.

Nicola Field is a writer and has been an active socialist for 35 years. She is a member of the Socialist Workers Party in south London, in the UK. She was an original member of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, whose story was told in the hit film Pride.  Her book, Over the Rainbow: Money Class and Homophobia was first published in 1995. It contains the earliest published first-hand account of LGSM and confronts the political contradictions in the LGBT+ movement. It was republished in 2016 with new material reflecting on the impact of the film Pride and the issues facing the LGBT movement in the 21st century. Nicola has spoken to audiences all over the UK and internationally about her experiences as an activist over 35 years, and the fight for LGBT+ Liberation in the 21st Century.

Nicola has presented her life and work, under the title Over the Rainbow in five major cities including the People’s History Museum in Manchester, Gay’s the Word bookshop in London and Five Leaves in Nottingham, to packed houses and enthusiastic audiences of all ages, including teenagers. Telling the highlights and revealing hidden stories from her long involvement in LGBT+ activism, she uses humour and passion to communicate the lessons she has learned and lead discussion on how audiences can take the struggle forward.

For Nicola, who has spent years campaigning and writing on issues of sexual and gender liberation, it is an opportunity to bring together her experience and writings in a cohesive and effective format, occasioned by the republication – by popular demand – of her book Over the Rainbow and share them in a live context in her own unique, passion-filled and entertaining way.


In some cities, organisations have got together to co-host and co-sponsor public meetings, book events and political discussion forums. It’s a good idea to consider linking up with a local bookshop, museum, student society, community group or film/book society, to bring in a wider audience, get a good central venue perhaps for free, help create a more vibrant debate and perhaps forge new connections with local activists.

Books to sell and sign

Make sure you have copies of Nicola’s book Over the Rainbow for people to buy and read. This will need to be arranged several weeks in advance.

If you are planning to sell the books yourself:

You can order copies to buy at discount and re-sell via Inpress. Email
Alternatively, Bookmarks bookshop may be able to send over copies on a sale or return basis. Call 0207 637 1848.

If you have a local bookshop they may be willing to run the bookstall for you, and if you are holding the event in a bookshop, they will of course handle all the sales.

Nicola has a limited number of copies she can bring and sell at a reduced price, but this will need to be discussed and agreed.

Nicola will be happy to sign copies of the book.

It’s a great idea to order copies of the book in the local libraries and university library so that those who don’t wish to buy the book can still read it.


  1. The most effective strategy found so far is a combination of
  2. Printed leaflets and posters
  3. Facebook event with everyone pitching in to invite, repost
  4. A few tweets to announce, then build up to the event
  5. Leafletting at local venues, clubs, bars, community centres, libraries – anywhere that has space for leaflets or noticeboards.
  6. Personal calls put in to contacts, asking them to help spread the word and commit to coming and bringing someone.

Speaker requirements

Nicola has some specific needs relating to her health and well-being. The following requirements are based on bookings at conferences, and they can be adapted to the local situation, by mutual agreement.

  1. A single point of contact to discuss the event.
  2. Prior arrangement to manage arrival and a rest period in quiet room/bedroom before the event.
  3. Accommodation at or near the speaking venue, or transport to and from the event to accommodation.
  4. If possible, self-contained en-suite accommodation.
  5. Proximity/accessibility to a park or outdoor area during the visit.
  6. Facilities to make drinks, store food.
  7. Someone to meet me if coming by public transport, or be at the destination.
  8. Direction to places where good value healthy food is available.

Book talk event requirements

Below is a list of requirements for my visit:

  1. Accommodation at or near the speaking venue, or transport to and from the event to accommodation.
  2. If possible, self-contained en-suite accommodation (this can be discussed).
  3. Proximity/accessibility to a park of outdoor area where I can get some exercise.
  4. Facilities to make drinks, store food.
  5. Someone to meet me if coming by public transport, or be at the destination.
  6. Someone to orientate me in the area, direct me to places where I can obtain good value healthy good (wheat-free/dairy free).
  7. Conformation of pre-ordering of copies of Over the Rainbow.  I can provide details of direct ordering from the distributor which could be cheaper for you.
  8. I would like to do my best to help make sure the event is well-attended so would like to have a discussion 3-4 weeks in advance so I can contribute ideas for publicity and let you know about things that have worked or now worked in the past!